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How To Get Your Audience in the Palm of Your Hand BEFORE You Start Speaking!

You know that feeling you get when the audience is really into what you are sharing?

They’re riveted by your content, connected to your stories, and you can tell they are engaged by their facial expressions and body language.

Would you like to know how to “warm up” your audience before you start speaking so you’ll have more interest and engagement?

I thought so…

Here’s how: smooze with the crowd and have a purpose.

Example: When I’m speaking, I arrive at the event at least 15 minute before the event starts. Most events have some type of networking before the meeting or event officially starts.

I make myself (yes, sometimes this is hard – even as many times as I’ve done this) go to small groups of people and ask them who they are, their business, etc. Then I ask “What brought you to today’s event?”

I listen carefully to the answer. Sometimes it’s because they always attend and sometimes it’s because of the topic. Whatever their answer is, I say, “I’m the speaker today and will be talking about ____________. Is there anything specifically you’d me to address?”

Sometimes they’ll have a specific question but normally not. Either way, I thank them for coming and gently remove myself to talk to a few more people. My goal is to introduce myself to at least 20 people and ask this question before the meeting starts.

Make sense so far?

Then, when I am speaking, I see friendly faces of people who have already warmed up to me earlier. They already like me so they are more engaged and open to my message. They have become fans and their energy spreads to the rest of the audience.

This is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to capture the hearts and interest of audience members BEFORE you start speaking…

If you’d like to learn how to consistently and predictably generate leads and convert them to new clients or customers WITHOUT being salesy or pitch-slapping them, let’s chat.

I offer a 30-minute consult to learn more about your business, goals, etc., and then share 4-5 tips that you can implement immediately to get better results. There’s no pressure, no obligation. My only “sales” question comes around minute 29 when I ask if you’d like my help with any of the suggestions I shared.

Easy peasy, right? But if we don’t talk, I can’t share the things that will make it easier for you to expand your reach, grow your influence, and impact more lives with the solutions you offer.

Go here to schedule your call with me. I promise, you’ll be glad you did!



P.S. I know that a lot of people offer a free strategy session call and it ends up being a “pitchfest” for the entire call. I HATE THAT! So that’s not what I do… I promise! So go ahead - get your call scheduled and learn a few tips that can help you smile all the way to the bank after each and every speaking opportunity!

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