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When They Told Me To “Be Realistic”…

One of the hardest things we, entrepreneurs, do, is move forward and believe in ourselves when others don't.

I don't know about you, but I never really fit into a "mold" that my friends could understand. While they were busy pursuing higher education and climbing a corporate ladder, I dreamed of having a bold message on a big stage that would change how people looked at themselves, their businesses, and the life they created for themselves and their families.

I remember exactly when I had this epiphany... I was sitting on the bleachers in our school auditorium with all the other students from grades 7-12. It was a small school with class sizes of 60-80 students for each grade. The speaker was talking about how bad it was to take drugs and drink.  This was the year our entire wrestling team got suspended for being caught at a beer party so our school was pretty adamant about "fixing" us.

We'd had speakers before and to be honest, I can't remember any of them or what they talked about. But this guy was different... he held us spellbound with his stories. We leaned forward to hear better when he lowered his voice. He was riviting.

I was a junior at the time and in the middle of classes on choosing what career we wanted. After being affected so deeply by this speaker, I decided I wanted to become a professional speaker and give people the same incredible experience I had experienced.

Instead of embracing my idea and helping me formulate a plan, I was told to "be realistic", "get a real job", and "be satisfied with the status quo".  

It took years for me to start thinking about the words people used to describe my aspirations 1 weirdo, enigma, oddity - and look at them as positive attributes to grasp my vision and create my own career and life.

It was a long road to get to where I'm at but it has been so very worth it!

The point I'm trying to make is that there are always going to be those people in your life who just don't get why you do what you do and the passion you do it with. And that's ok... because this is your journey, not theirs. Don't let their limited vision keep you from what's in your heart and soul. 

If I were a momma bird and you were my little one, I would tell you I love you, that you can do this, and then I'd push you out of the nest. Why? Because I love you too much to let you stay safely in the next without ever experiencing the joy of flying and all the beautiful things you will see and experience.

If you've been "sitting in the nest", it's time to fly. Step to the edge, spread your vision with passion and courage, and go for it. We are waiting for you!



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