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How Do You Create Multiple Income Streams?

When I started down the path to owning my own business, it was lonely and scary.I didn’t have any positive support. The people around me told me to “stop dreaming”, “be realistic”, and “you aren’t smart enough”. But the dream in my heart didn’t go away. And over time, it became stronger.My definition of success [...]


It’s said that on a clear day, the furthest a person can see is 26 miles due to the curvature of the earth. But as we move forward, the horizon and landscape changes because we’ve moving beyond the original 26 miles we could see. The same is true in our lives. I sincerely believe that we [...]


Are You A Member of the Whine & Dine Club?

Have you ever been added to a group without your permission? How did that make you feel? I know it frustrates me and many of my friends. We want to CHOOSE what we belong to, right? But sometimes, we develop habits and attitudes that land us in groups that don’t contribute anything positive to us [...]


When we get in our own way…

This is a bit awkward to write about but, after talking to a few people who are experiencing similar feelings, it’s something I need to share. Before I get started, please let me tell you that I have an agenda… Yes, I admit it. My agenda is to speak to your heart and if my [...]


Am I Running From Something Or To Something?

Life is interesting. As humans, we are constantly evolving (at least I hope we are! )…  And sometimes as we evolve, our interest in things that once ignited our passion dulls. Has this ever happened to you? Recently I’ve been wondering what else is out there.  Don’t get me wrong, I love helping people learn [...]


Disappointment: Will It Define or Defeat You?

Several months ago I applied to speak at the national conference of NAWBO (National Assn. of Women Business Owners) being held in Minneapolis in October. I have all the qualifications, experience and topic that should have made the cut. I had incredible letters of recommendation from highly respected leaders (like Dr. Ivan Misner) who have [...]


Leadership is not something you DO…

Becoming a leader and leadership is talked about a lot. There are all sorts of tips, reports, checklists, etc., on how to become a leader. The main theme that all the content I’ve read about leadership agrees on is that leadership is not something you DO… it’s something you BECOME. When you become a “leader”, [...]


I Do Not Choose To Be Common…

This writing from the 1770’s really touched me. I am hoping it touches you, too! I do not choose to be a common man, It is my right to be uncommon … if I can, I seek opportunity … not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen. Humbled and dulled by having [...]


The real work begins when you’re done speaking… You’ve worked hard to create a riveting talk that engages the audience, builds trust and rapport, and motivates them to take some type of action. But that’s just the beginning… You see, the REAL work, and conversions, begin after the event. Why? Because most of the prospects [...]


Fish Where There Are Plenty Of Hungry Fish!

Today I’d like to share a tip about choosing the right audience. See, if you choose to speak to a group without researching the types of people in the audience, it could be a huge disaster. You’ll feel embarrassed because the audience isn’t interested in your content and it will leave a bad taste in the [...]