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It’s Confused Me For Years…

Branding... We hear about it and how important it is. But for me, knowing how to make branding happen for my business has been as elusive as... well, Big Foot and Nessy of Loch Ness!

Do you feel that way, too?

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is perplexed at how to build a brand that is recognizable and attracts my ideal prospects... That's why I wanted to invite you to a workshop I'm attending tomorrow, May 18 from 11-1. 

Yes, I realize it's short notice. But if you struggle with branding, this is the perfect, hands-on, get-stuff-done-while-we're-there workshop to attend.

I'll be there as a student learning - just like you. And I'd love to meet you! I'm not getting paid for this endorsement, I'm not teaching, and there is no "hidden  agenda". I'm reaching out because if you struggle with this whole branding thing like I do, you'll want to be there.

Here's the link to learn more: http://bit.ly/2qsaOeA  Hope to see you there!



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