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Disappointment: Will It Define or Defeat You?

Several months ago I applied to speak at the national conference of NAWBO (National Assn. of Women Business Owners) being held in Minneapolis in October.

I have all the qualifications, experience and topic that should have made the cut. I had incredible letters of recommendation from highly respected leaders (like Dr. Ivan Misner) who have seen me present... And I studied the theme and wrote my proposal so it was in alignment with their goals.

But yesterday I received the email: "We had so many great applicants...". It was a very kind rejection but a rejection, nevertheless.

I wanted this so badly! The news hit me in the gut and I did what many women would have done - I cried.

All those voices in my head that I thought I'd tamed came to life in a bolder, louder way... "You're not good enough!" "What made you think they'd pick you!" "Just give up!" You know what I mean? Do those voices haunt you sometimes, too?

I know I'm good at what I do and my clients get amazing results when they use my process to speak to groups. They get leads from more than 50% of the audience and many of those prospects convert through the email sequence we create. So quitting wasn't an option...

But neither is just playing it safe. I've had great success in speaking and coaching but if I want to expand and grow, I need to open myself up to new - and bigger - opportunities. And that means that sometimes I'm going to be disappointed.

It's so easy to tell my clients to "turn setbacks into setups" and "breakdowns into breakthroughs" but when it's your heart and dream that is shattered, it gets personal real fast.

I could have sat back and had a pity party. But that wouldn't serve me or my clients. I decided to share what happened to me and how I choose to handle it in a positive way that keeps me moving forward so I could set an example for others... Because face it, disappointment will always be a part of being an entrepreneur. Big risks = big rewards. But not all risks with turn out the way we image.

Instead of hiding and licking my wounds, I searched for and found other conferences filled with my ideal prospects and applied to speak at their large events.

That's what I call "turning trials into triumphs" in action.

How do you respond when a BIG something doesn't work out for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts...



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