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Leadership is not something you DO…

Becoming a leader and leadership is talked about a lot. There are all sorts of tips, reports, checklists, etc., on how to become a leader. The main theme that all the content I've read about leadership agrees on is that leadership is not something you DO... it's something you BECOME.

When you become a "leader", you don't walk around telling others, "I'm a leader". If you have to tell people, then obviously you aren't one - yet!

Leadership, to me, is a combination of integrity, confidence, humility, and vision.


Leadership is radiated from within and compells others to follow - not force.

Think for a minute about the difference between a shepherd and a herder.

A shepherd has built trust with the flock. When they need to move to a new pasture or grazing area, the shepherd leads and the sheep follow. Why? Because from previous experience, the sheep know they can trust and believe in the shepherd.

Someone who herds is a bit different. The herder has the vision of where he/she wants the cows or horses to go but hasn't built trust with the animals. As a consequence, if he/she leads, they will not follow. Chances are, they'll just stand there and look at him/her for a few minutes and then go back to whatever they were doing. So in order for the herder to get the animals where they need to go, he/she (and often others) crowd the animals at the rear and push them forward. The animals resist because they are confused and don't understand where they are supposed to go...

We've all met people who have considered themselves leaders but in actuality, they are herders. They push, intimidate, and sometimes even threaten people to move in a certain direction.

True leaders attract followers as a consequence of who they are from the inside out.

Leadership is a "presence" that can be cultivated but not faked.

Think about leaders who have inspired you... what was it they said? Did? If you had to identify one specific trait, what would it be? And better yet, is it something you can develop?

We live in a world filled with confusion... leaders who stand for good and bring out the best in others are in demand.

Make the choice right now to become a leader who influences others and helps them step into their potential.

YOU can do this. The world is counting on you.



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