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What’s A Sub Niche And Why Is It Important?

We've all heard about "tapping into our niche" so we can find our ideal prospects. But yesterday I heard an idea that really made me stop and think... In fact, the information was so revolutionary (to me, at least!) that I had to stop at a rest stop on my drive from Minnesota to Utah so I could jot down a few thoughts before they were lost.

I was listening to the audio version of Russell Brunson's new book, "Expert Secrets" during my drive. In it, he talks about concepts he's learned from others and applied with great success within his own company. One of these was the "red ocean blue ocean" philosophy. Now, I'd heard about this a few years ago but it didn't sink in. 

The "red ocean blue ocean" philosophy is based on finding a new, "blue" ocean that you fish in because the "red" ocean is filled with blood from all your competitors fishing there. 

How do you find a "blue" ocean with your product or service? That's where sub-niches come in. Let me share an example:

I help business professionals learn how to generate leads by speaking to groups filled with their target market. There are lots of individuals, business, and organizations that promise to teach people how to speak... in other words, I'm pretty sure my niche would be considered a "red" ocean. 

I had a couple of thoughts about creating a "blue" ocean:

  1. What if I focused on wannabe speakers who wanted to speak but didn't know what to speak on or how to get started?
  2. What if I focused on people who networked a lot but were frustated with all the time they were spending for little or no results?
  3. Or what if I focused on stressed parents who needed to generate leads faster and convert into sales easier so they could spend more time with their kids? (without guilt!)
  4. What if I focused on companies and corporations and taught their sales teams these strategies?

Each one of these 4 would be considered a subdomain from the "red" ocean of teaching people how to speak. There is a little bit of competition in each of them but I'm pretty sure they would still be considered a "blue" ocean.

So think about your own business... if you are struggling to find an ongoing supply of new prospects, chances are you are fishing in a "red" ocean. Drill down and find your "blue" ocean. Write new marketing materials, blogs, social media posts that support this new niche. Track your results. If it's working and the number of new prospects is increasing, perfect. Scale up. 

If it's not work, go back and reconsider. Survey your past clients/customers/patients and ask them why they worked with you? What products or services they wanted and why? What were the results they desired and got?

I'd love to hear about your business - what "blue" ocean did you discover? How you are going to become 'THE EXPERT" in your new subdomain?



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