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The Real Work Begins AFTER You’re Done Speaking!

The real work begins when you’re done speaking…

You’ve worked hard to create a riveting talk that engages the audience, builds trust and rapport, and motivates them to take some type of action.

But that’s just the beginning…

You see, the REAL work, and conversions, begin after the event.

Why? Because most of the prospects who will become your next new customers, clients, or patients, convert because of your follow-up.

Yes, it’s like you’ve always been told – the fortune is in the follow-up.

And I’m not talking just an email follow-up message…

I’m talking about a well thought-out campaign over the next two months that continues to build trust, rapport, and leads them to the natural conclusion that they do want to do business with you.

Each email should contain a call-to-action. But remember, a call-to-action doesn’t always mean you are asking for money or a sale! It means you are asking them to take some type of action… Maybe grabbing some paper and jotting down 3 ideas that came to their mind when they read your message…

Each email should strategically and methodically lead them to the next step… breadcrumbs, if you will.

Remember, people buy when THEY want to buy, not when we want them to. Statistically, more than half the audience isn't ready to buy NOW but they will be soon if you keep spoon-feeding them bits of content... 

And once you get the emails written, you add them to your autoresponder so they are automated and go out like clockwork every time someone opts into your offer from either your speaking gig or any other way you market the offer.

Then you watch the results.

When do most of the conversions happen?

Is one email triggering more sales?

Is one email triggering more unsubscribes?

As you watch your stats, you’ll see patterns. Then you can tweak and adjust.

Like I said, this is a lot of work. It’s not rocket science but it’s not a cake-walk, either. But once done, your system is in place and now you have an automated way to convert prospects each and every time you speak.

And isn’t that what you secretly dream of?

If you’d like help figuring out how to one-time your business and create consistent, predictable results, we should chat. Schedule a 30-minute strategy session with me. No pressure. No obligation. Just really good information that can help you impact more lives and make more money.

Go here to schedule our time together.



P.S. If you’re tired trying to learn how to make money speaking the long, painful, and expensive way, we really should chat.

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