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Shattering Limiting Beliefs

Do you ever run into road blocks and can't seem to figure out why you are stuck or what's holding you back?  Me, too!

I meditate, listen to my divine voice, and read about creating the "right" mindset consistently. So I thought I had this covered... but I was wrong!

This past weekend I attended a private retreat and one of the trainers really blew my socks off!!!

Stacy talked about how we can have specific mindsets without even being aware of them and often that's what is holding us back. So she taught us how to destroy these self-defeating thoughts, ideas, and barriers:

1. Picture a brick in your mind.

2. Write the issue on the brick... maybe it's "I'm not good enough", "Who's going to buy from me?", "I'm not smart enough", etc. (Sometimes it may take some real soul-searching to come up with the issue)

3. Stack these bricks in a pile so you can see the writing.​​​​​​​

4. Now, pick up each brick and throw it down... hard. Watch it shatter with the brick and what you've written smattered all over in a thousand tiny pieces. Now repeat until all the bricks have been destroyed.As she went through her presentation,

I discovered 2 self-defeating mindsets that I hadn't been aware of. I smashed them and felt lighter... free-er...

Try it! See what thoughts come to you, visually write them on the brick and theb smash it.

I know that each one of us has a dream in our hearts to serve and make a difference. I believe that if we have this dream, God gave it to us because it's possible and he'll give us whatever we need to make it happen. All we need to to is get out of our own way...Are you with me? Are you ready to smash some bricks filled with whatever is holding you back so YOU can scale your impact in a BIG way?

I'd love to hear what "bricks" you destroyed... post below. Let's celebrate our freedom together!

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