Speak Your Way To Success

Premium Coaching Program

The fastest way to massive success is to get help from others who have achieved results that they want to achieve.

Here's what's included in this private coaching program: 


  • All the content, materials, and support included in the online program, Speak Your Way To Success.
  • 1-hour private coaching call each month for 12 months to go over assignments, emails, and walk "with you" through the entire process.
  • I guide and make suggestions on the 3-4 stories that make up the biggest, and most emotionally engaging, part of your talk. Then I record them and send you the recording of each story so you can hear how I would deliver it. The pauses, voice inflections, voice speed are as important as the words you say... this will give you a model to practice around. Remember, it's not practice that makes perfect but perfect practice that makes perfect.
  • I edit, make suggestions, and personally work with you on all the other content including your speaking introduction, the 14-email sequence, your handout, and the transitional phrases from one part of your talk to the next. The emails will include personal information, content, testimonials, and so much more that comes from you. Often it's difficult for us put this all together when it's our business - we're too close. That's where I come in.
  • I help you create a template to use when asking for speaking gigs, referrals for speaking gigs, and help in how to find podcasts, community TV shows (if relevant), radio shows that interview guests, in addition to finding speaking opportunities filled with your target market.
  • Teach you how to use my 30-minute Strategy Session Template and an email to send to those on your list to get appts scheduled and convert prospects into new clients right away.
  • Have a call with you before & after your first speaking opportunity to make sure everything's in place and to celebrate with you after the event!
  • 1-day VIP day where we get together in the Twin Cities and build it all out for you... one on one. It's intense and exhausting, but if you do this early in the program, you can really hit the ground running! I pay for lodging and food - you'd pay your traveling expenses.
  • 24-hour access to me via Voxer for those quick questions, comments, and celebrations! (for 1 year).
  • All our calls/sessions during the year are recorded and replays sent to you. (you'd be able to share these with your team if you so desired)
  • The annual cost of Speak Your Way To Success Premium Coaching Progam is $9,997.