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We’re not who you think we are…

The struggle is real... the fears are real... the feelings of not being good enough are real.

You probably look around at all the other people who speak to groups and think they have it all figured out.

But it's an illusion. Most of the speakers and presenters I know still suffer with pangs of anxiety before speaking to a new crowd...

Why? Because for many of us, speaking is how we feel love and recognition. When we do well and it's obvious that our message resonates with the audience, we feel justified in what we are doing.

But when we sense that the audience has quit listening before we've finished speaking, we feel deflated.

How can you increase the odds of your audience being receptive to your ideas and offer?


Choose your audience wisely!

All audiences are not created equal. Some organizations bring a person in to speak because they need to "fill the spot". That doesn't mean you have to say "yes". In fact, unless the audience is filled with your ideal prospects, you should say "no"!

According to SpeakerMatch, there are over 7,000 speaking opportunities in the US every weekday. I'm confident that many of these events are filled with YOUR ideal prospects.

Reach out on LinkedIn and see what organizations, associations, or clubs your ideal clients or prospects belong to. Then ask them about the event and if they have guest speakers. If the answer is yes and it sounds like the audience would be a good fit, ask for a personal introduction to the person who vets and approves speakers. It's the fastest and easiest way to find local speaking opportunities that fill the event with the people who will resonate with your message.



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