Better connections = better networking!

A Personal Invitation...

A couple of months ago, I attended an event that literally blew my mind. The attendees were divided into tables of 6 people. The facilitator led us through a series of specific questions that allowed us to learn more about the others at our table:

1. What their business was,

2. What struggles they were facing,

3. What did they need help with, and

4. Who was an ideal prospect for them.

The results were stunning! Each one of us at our table walked away with some great ideas BUT WHAT REALLY CAPTURED MY ATTENTION was that each of us walked out with at least 6 ideal prospects we were going to be personally introduced to!

I've been involved in networking for more than a decade and I'd never seen anything like this. Because of the tight time schedule of this event, we kept getting cut off by the faciliator so we could move on to the next question... I wonder how much more of an impact this exercise would have had it we'd had more time to dive deeper into each person's business...

That's when I came up with this idea... and why I'm reaching out to you personally!

I'm inviting 7 hand-picked, highly successful entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to meet together for 2 hours to network and brainstorm at in a very strategic, intentional, and deliberate way.

The goal is for each one of us to walk out of this meeting with at least 8 highly-qualified leads that will personally be introduced to you by the person who referred them.

​If you are interested in attending, please send an email to me at sue@suehenrytalks.com  Because space is so limited, I'm asking that you commit to being there.  I will also be asking for a $5 donation to cover the costs of water/coffee being offered. :)

 Once I receive your email, I'll send you all the location information. Event is being held in the Twin Cities at an OffiCenter location.