Double Your Income By Sponsoring At Events

This Simple & Effective Strategy Can Double Your Income!

Imagine what your business would look like if you had a steady stream of HOT prospects begging you to call them...

Stop collecting cards for a free drawing, bribing people with a dish of candy, and adding them to your list without permission...

Or worse yet, spending your precious time calling and leaving messages with people who dropped their card in a bowl for a free gift but have NO INTEREST in your product or service!

Yes, this is what people are doing BUT IT DOESN'T WORK!

There is a BETTER way to sponsor at events that actually attracts the people who want, need, can afford, and are ready to buy what you offer!

This course will walk you through how to turn sponsoring events into a profit-center for your business, step-by-step!

This program will teach you:

  • How to choose the right events to sponsor - Find the events that YOUR target market attends and IGNORE the rest! It's not about how many events you attend but the quality of the people who will be there!
  • What to offer that attracts "hot" prospects - If you have ever sponsored a table or booth, you know that the number of business cards you collect for a free drawing DO NOT increase the number of sales. FORGET the out-of-date mentality of "it's a numbers game"! My techniques will attract "warm" and "hot" prospects, not people looking for a freebie!
  • How to collect the contact information for permission-based marketing - I'll share an effective alternative to collecting business cards that allows you to connect with people who are serious about wanting more information from you.
  • How to set up your table for succes - If you were going to sell your home, you'd "stage" it to make the most of the space and features. This would help it sell faster and for money. In this course, I show you exactly how to set up your table and why. It's all about maximizing the opportunity!
  • What to say if you are given 1-2 minutes to address the room so you create a flow of prospects to your table - This one tip alone can help you draw a crowd to your table to talk to you. Remember, people don't buy solutions. They buy results.
  • How to effectively follow-up and convert prospects to buyers without being annoying, pushing, or salesy - Learn how to script a conversation that significantly increases sales and minimizes objections.

For years I struggled to find ways to connect with prospects who wanted, needed, could afford, and were ready to buy what I offered. It worked really well when I spoke to groups but I needed to figure out how to duplicate those same results in other ways.

I attended networking events and only seemed to meet people who wanted to sell me something, not people who were interested in learning more about what I offered.

And I grew tired of all the unsolicited emails filling up my inbox with newsletters, reports, and information I hadn't requested or signed up for from people who collected my business card at these events.

I started paying attention to the sponsors at these events. Were they getting any leads? Were these leads turning into buyers? What was their ROI?

Sadly, I learned that having sponsors worked great for the organizers of the event as it helped cut the costs of the event.

But without training on how to effectively sponsor, most sponsors spent the money without any return on their investment.

Every sponsor I studied offered some type of drawing to entice attendees to drop their business card. It was interesting that a few of these sponsors offered "giveaways" that weren't even related to their product or service!

Sponsors took the cards, entered them in their database, and began sending "stuff" to people who didn't request it. They copied what they saw other people doing WITHOUT knowing if it worked! (Not to mention this is in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act!

But I do things differently. Here are actual results after 10 days frm being at a sponsor at a networking event and implementing the ideas and strategies I share in this course:

60 people attended the event:

7 products sold at event @$100                                                                           $700

11 signed up for free strategy coaching call

6 calls completed which generated 5 $500 sales                                              $2,500

Total income generated within 2 weeks of event                                              $3,200

Table sponsorship                                                                                            -   $110

                                                           TOTAL PROFIT FROM EVENT            $3,090

Pretty good, right? Based on these results, if I sponsored a table where my ideal prospects hang out 10 times in one year, it would generate an additional $30,000 in sales!

Stop following what others are doing and start doing what really works!

How many clients would you need to get from just one event to justify an investment of ONLY $47? Imagine, one small payment for timeless strategies that can generate leads and sales for years to come!  ORDER TODAY!