cash cow holding signLooking for a way to generate cash FAST?


My "Cash Cow" campaign will reach out to your existing database and:


  • Make an incredible offer your list wants or needs 
  • Create a sense of urgency to give your prospects, past and current clients, and referral partners are reason to buy NOW
  • Remind them of why they should buy this from YOU
  • Without being annoying, salesy, or pushy!

The most important and biggest money making strategy I know is great copywriting... but it's also the most overlooked element that determines the results you'll get from any and all of your marketing!

Having great copywriting skills IS having true command over your marketplace!

And it’s the BIGGEST discovery I’ve made that has changed my life and generated a lot of money.

I use these highly effective strategies in all of my media including direct mail, email, presentations, speaking gigs, blog posts, social media updates, podcasts, etc. In other words, if you are communicating in any way, copywriting can be your “lead-generating and conversion” secret weapon!

Yes, copywriting plays a huge role in attracting prospects and then converting them into paying clients, customers, or patients.

You have a couple of choices: You can purchase products, hunker down, write your own copy, and then check and adjust until it gets the results you want.... or you can save yourself lots of headaches, time, money, and energy by outsourcing the work to a professional.

You have a business to run… probably a family who expects you to spend some time with them… and would love to have some free time to hit the golf course or throw out a line… Can you really justify adding one more thing to the mix - especially something as important as this?

Many smart business owners who realize that sometimes it costs less to hire a professional do something for you--especially those things that you can use over and over again—instead of trying to figure it all out on your own?

 If that describes you, then this message is specifically for you!

I’ve been writing copy for my clients and they’ve been getting great results. In the past, I’ve only offered that to my private coaching clients as part of my 12-week process.

But due to high demand, I've decided to offer it as a separate, stand-alone product. 

Cash Cow Campaign

What exactly is it? Well, it’s a specific campaign that generates cash flow in a short amount of time. Here’s how it works:

  •  Content goes out 3 days in a row. Can be done via email or printed letters.
  • Content is sent to your list of prospects, contacts, clients, customers, patients, etc. They key is that they already know you! This is NOT a lead generator – it’s a CASH generator.
  • You offer a specific product or service with an expiration date/time that you honor.
  • Each email builds upon the last, delivering content and a call to action. This 3-Day Cash Flow Surge Campaign works for all businesses

This IS for:

  • People who have at least 300 people on their list and these people know you in some way
  • People who want to create a surge of income and sales in less than 10 days from the day you send out the first letter to your deadline
  • People who are willing to invest in something that will continue working for them each and every time it’s used
  • People who don’t want to learn copywriting but still want to harness all the benefits good copy delivers
  • People who want a system that they can use over and over with predictable results!

Does it work? Well, here’s some client feedback:

Even though I'm familiar with a number of the concepts you teach, no one has ever walked me through this process by the hand to implement them like you have.  At this point, my sales process has been improved dramatically and I now have a way to monetize customers at many different levels.  This is expanding my opportunities and improving revenue. Michael F.

 There were 17 ladies there besides me and 7 of them turned in the slips, which I thought was a great number!  One even checked that she wanted to have the free consultation AND have me come talk to her group at work!!! YESSSS 🙂 Feelin like a rockstar (a tired one) but nevertheless a ROCK STAR this morning!  Sondra D.

…She explained things so clearly that it made me completely reassess everything I was currently doing. As a result of her coaching I realized I had been doing many things all wrong, so I dramatically shifted my focus and streamlined everything I'm currently doing into one clear theme. Within weeks of working with Sue I was speaking at my first small event, submitting my application to speak at my first major event, creating a new product and booking follow up workshops with the first group I spoke to. I highly recommend working with her! Courtney S.

 I would recommend her (Sue) & her work to anyone that wants to think harder about attracting & maintaining clients in any field." Bruce M.

There are 3 options: 

Silver Program:  

  • You receive my templates for all 3 letters
  • Written Instructions for writing your own Cash Cow Campaign.  
  • $149

Gold Program:

  • You receive my templates for all 3 letters
  • Written instructions for writing your own Cash Cow Campaign.
  • 4 15-minute phone consults prior to you writing each letter where I'll guide you on what to write, how to write it so it engages and encourages your audience to take action, etc.
  • Email review of each letter after you write it (3 email reviews)
  • As a bonus, I'll include a template for a 4th letter that generates last-minute sales... and provide the phone consult and email review to make your copy even better!
  • $299

Platinum Program:

  • I write all the 3 Cash Cow Campaign letters for you
  • I write the 4th letter bonus that generates last-minute sales
  • We'll consult on the phone so I get a really good idea of who is on your list, what you are offering and why, and much, much more... all of those key elements that make this campaign so successful!
  • All letters will be emailed to you for your review and final approval (maximum 2 revisions per letter)
  • No-Brainer Results Guarantee: I’m so confident in the results that you will get that I’m putting it all on the line for you – if you don’t generate at least $499 in sales within 1 week of the end of your 3-day campaign after specifically following my directions, I’ll give you a full refund! (*see below for refund criteria)
  • $499

Are you ready to inject cash into your bank account? Complete your order and let's get started today!



*Guarantee criteria: You must have a mailing list of at least 300 prospects, past or present clients, customers, or patients; your offer pricing must be $100 or higher; you must have some type of bonus to offer that creates urgency; you follow the sequence in sending out the letters. 

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