Are you tired of chasing leads and setting aside time for no-shows?

Over the past 5 years, Sue Henry has personally worked with clients in a variety of industries from insurance to entrepreneurs and everything in between, to help them fill their appointment books and consistently convert those appointments into paying clients.

Sue offers several different training programs to help motivated business people save TIME and MONEY on lead generation strategies  and teaches them how to implement PROVEN strategies that work like clockwork. After all, life is meant for living, not wasting time on ineffective and outdated sales methods that just don't work.

Here are the programs Sue is currently offering:

"Speak Your Way To Success" Online Program

This is perfect for the do-it-yourself business professional who wants to get things done on their schedule. Lifetime access to the program, group coaching sessions, and access to our private Facebook group is included.

    "Speak Your Way To Success" Premium Coaching Program

    This is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to achieve success in the shortest amount of time! In addition to the online program, this option provides  monthly private coaching calls, editing and copywriting help, 24-hour access with Voxer, and much more. 

    "How To Double Your Income By Sponsoring Events"

    Imagine what your business would look like if you had a steady stream of HOT prospects begging you to call them...

    Stop collecting cards for a free drawing, bribing people with candy and adding them to your list without permission! Or worse yet, spending your precious time calling and leaving messages with people who dropped your their card in for the free gift by have no interest in your product or service!

    With this program, you will turn sponsoring events into another income stream!​

    FREE BOOK: The Ultimate Feel Good Sales Method... How To Make More Sales Without Pitch-Slapping Your Prospects!

    My FREE book teaches you how to convert more prospects. I've named it the "Feel Good Sales Method" because it feels good to you, feels good to the person you are talking to AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

    Stop wasting time chasing prospects! This FREE book shares specific strategies, ideas, and tips that will have prospects chasing YOU and begging you for more information! Plus, it includes the templates for a follow-up email sequence that converts prospects on your list into new clients or customers.

    Go HERE to order your copy today!​