Can My Social Media Marketing Techniques Bring You In Over $74,698 Like They Did Me?

I have no idea... but it may be worth taking a look into.

...especially because my techniques DO NOT require MORE THAN 15 MINUTES A DAY!

...and they are "dumbed down" so entrepreneurs like you and me, who aren't 20-something anymore, can IMPLEMENT THEM FAST!

Dear Entrepreneur: In 2008, everywhere I turned, people were talking about social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogging. Quite frankly, I was becoming quite annoyed. It looked like nothing more than a "time trap" for yet another "fad" that would soon go away. Boy, was I wrong! Slowly, over time, this online marketing "gimmick" started building momentum and converts. I questioned how it could help my business...   

And Then It Hit Me!

As a speaker, I had 2 choices: I could learn how to effectively use social media to grow my business OR I could keep marketing for business the same way I was doing and eventually be "out of business" and end up milking cows on our organic dairy farm!

What I Did Next...

I didn't have to be a rocket scientist to recognize what I needed to do. I jumped in with both feet, determined to lear what social media actually was and how I could make it work for me.  Over the next month, I ordered thousands of dollars in products and courses which promised to teach me "everything".

I spent hundreds of hours studying, listening to calls, and then applying what I thought they were telling me to do. I tracked what I did, and the results I experienced diligently. I kept tweaking my action steps until I started getting the results I wanted. In the courses I’d purchased, I found some ideas worked wonderfully and some weren’t worth the paper they were printed on. But each of them gave me some great ideas that I used to build my business.

Then, in the beginning of 2009, I took what I already knew from my background in business networking and building solid, quality relationships and started playing with the techniques and strategies I spent months learning...

The RESULT: $24,742 in sales from connections I made in the first 10 months of 2009 from social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook!

Honestly, I was amazed. I couldn't believe 'online' connections could be so valuable! But they were. And so, after these results, I decided to share what I learned and how I did it. I'm about to it reveal to you. But before I do, let's be real: can I guarantee you'll get the same results? Absolutely not! I'd be a fool to think otherwise - not to mention the FTC would be on me like flies on organic matter!

However, the results I achieved (and are still achieving) DID come from the techniques inside my Social Media Marketing course. So, let's look at what the course has to offer you, so you can grow your business... More than 4,000 business professionals from 18 countries have attended my live workshops and rave about the results they get when they implement the tips, ideas, and strategies I teach.


You CAN set yourself up as an expert, even if you aren't a writer! Blogs are a great way to get information out to the people are want, need, and are willing to buy what you offer!

  • The steps necessary to start blogging fast and effectively that take little time away from your busy schedule.
  • The Top 15 RULES for Blogging Success (without these you may be wasting hours on end with nothing but regret).
  • How to attract readers and grow your list even if you're just starting out today.

I have a Master's Degree in Internet Marketing and when Sue came to my area to speak I didn't think I'd learn anything new. I was wrong! Sue had great insight on Social Media in which I took immediate action in implementing. I was glad I took the time to sit in on one of Sue's workshops and I suggest others to do the same. Dustin Robins



Did you know that 1 out of every 2 members on LinkedIn are decision makers? If you don't learn how to effectively reach out and build relationships on LinkedIn, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table!

Inside the training on LinkedIn, you'll discover:

  • How to target your BIG FISH for BIG PROFITS and create the kind of bait that they can't stay away from!
  • How to find Referral Partners that sell to your target...but don't compete (this can DOUBLE your income if used correctly).
  • Strategies for optimizing your profile that create a stampede of prospects and referral partners.

“I recently had the opportunity to attend two workshops provided by Sue Henry where there were attendees from all over the United States and abroad. Sue's presentation on how to "correctly" use social media to help build your business was outstanding. She walked "newbies" like me through the process of getting an online presence on LinkedIn and then proceeded to show us how to make those contacts valuable connections for our businesses. Her professional and thorough training skills make it easy to understand the process to build an online identity in social media. Thank you, Sue,  for sharing your professional experience with all of us! I highly recommend Sue and her workshops for any organization (or individual) that desires to improve themselves. Sue will undoubtedly help you (and your team) conquer goals that you would have never thought were a possibility. Jerry Williamson President Teamworx Productions”


You'll be amazed at how much you can say in just 140 characters!

  • What Twitter really is and how you can effectively use it to drive traffic to the rest of your social media sites and websites.
  • How to go from invisible to visible to credible to profitable in a matter of months (even weeks!).
  • What Twitter tools to use and How to use them for MAXIMUM effectiveness and productivity.


  • I am so glad I found Sue Henry to help me navigate through this social media world. As a musician, I needed to learn how essential it is to use social media. It can be so overwhelming, but Sue has simplified the process. I get excited when I see an email in my inbox because I know it will be a quick read that will be filled with treasure and no fluff. Cindy Cole Nelson



So many people think that Facebook is a waste of time for business... and that's a big mistake!

  • How to build substantial, high quality relationships with FRIENDS from around the globe that can lead to big money.
  • How to create a group of followers that are more loyal than any other social media site today!
  • Top 12 tips for using Facebook for Business (use Facebook wrong and you could be in BIG trouble)
  • Sue's training on Social Media was instrumental in taking my business to a greater level. Her expertise in the Social Media field is must have for businesses small or large. Wayne Kennedy


Social Media Basic CoverSocial Media Cover jpg

Here's Everything You'll Get In "Social Media Marketing Success In Just 15 Minutes A Day"

  • Blogging MP3 audio file
  • LinkedIn MP3 audio file
  • Twitter MP3 audio file
  • Facebook MP3 audio file
  • Workbook with all audio files transcribed into text
  • All files are delivered electronically so you can get started! (Naturally I couldn't offer the physical products at this low, low price!)
Your Price Today:  Just $47!

And It Comes with This 30-Day "No Questions Asked" Guarantee!


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