Generate "HOT" Leads & Grow Your Business

Faster and Easier By Speaking To Groups Of Your Target Market and Ideal Prospects!

Imagine what your bottom line could look like if you learned to:

  • Engage your audience while building trust and rapport to generate leads.
  • Create a stampede of people chasing you, handing you their information and begging you to contact them!
  • Dramatically increase sales by up to 50% with an intentional, strategic, and automated follow-up process - miss this piece and you'll lose out on thousands of dollars in sales: upsells, downsells, and referrals weeks, months, and even years AFTER the event!
  • Develop and develop and offer that has your prospects drooling!
  • This is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who wants all the content, has the discipline to complete and implement, but needs flexibility because of other demands.

What's Included?

Module 1: What Are You Bringing To The Table?

Pick the right audience, generate tons of appointments... Pick the wrong one and you'll be wasting your time, energy, and money!

  • My Perfect Client Worksheet that helps you identify the RIGHT audiences to speak to in order to maximize the number of appointments you make.
  • Identify Your Unique Value Proposition so That Your Audience Is Primed And Ready To Do Business With You!

Module 2: Creating Your Signature Talk & Bringing It To Life

The foundation of your new lead generation machine is your signature talk!

  • How To Create your Signature Talk PLUS 4 Easy-to-Follow Flow Charts That Will Generate Leads & Sales For Years To Come!
  • Designing Your Compelling Offer That Generates A Steady Stream of Leads
  • How To Develop Powerful Stories That Engage Your Audience & Motivates Them To Do Business With You

Module 3: 4 Tools That Increase Success

My proven support materials, including checklists, surveys, and templates make this easy!

  • The Powerful, Simple One-Page Handout That Generates Leads & Sales (even if you're not allowed to sell at the event).
  • My Proprietary Speaker Introduction Formula That Has Your Audience Leaning Forward, Ready to Take Notes Before You Even Take The Stage!
  • The Easy Follow-Up Survey Template That Generates Testimonials & Referrals For Other Speaking Opportunities Like Clockwork.

Module 4: How To Control The Room

Knowing how to change the energy of your audience from tired (especially after lunch) to wide-awake and engaged will improve results regardless of the time slot of your presentation....

  • 5 Activities That Will Engage The Audience & Have Them Eager To Hear What You Have To Say (even if you're after lunch)!
  • The 1 Thing That You Should NEVER Do In A Presentation (This will jeopardize your credibility!)
  • The Ultimate Event Checklist - You DO NOT Want To Leave Home Without This! From The Time You Frst Obtain The Speaking Opportunity To Following Up After The Event And Everything In Between...

Module 5: Grabbing Your Golden Ticket

Paying attention to these often overlooked opportunities will help you attract more new prospects and make more sales!

  • The 3 Questions You MUST Ask Before You Accept A Speaking Spot.
  • My Winning 60-Second Introduction Template That Will Help You Fill UpYour Break Out Sessions And Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition!
  • Setting Up Your Table For Success (Including a Table Map & Checklist You Will Use For Every Single Event)

Module 6: Follow Up Magic!

Create an effective email campaign that continues to deliver great content, build rapport and trust, and convert prospects to buyers!

  • My 14 Proven Email Templates For Converting Your Leads Into Clients
  • Learn How To Seed Your Messages With Calls-To-Action That Make Sense And Lead The Reader To Making The Logical Conclusion Of Doing Business With YOU!
  • Do This Wrong And You'll Waste Your Leads And Spend Your Days Cold-Calling!

Module 7: Finding Places To Speak

Not all events are created equal! If the event isn't filled with your target market, say "No"!

  • 4 Places To Find HUNDREDS Of Speaking Opportunities
  • The #1 Place To Avoid When Looking For Speaking Gigs (Lots of Unsuspecting Professionals Lose Tons Of Money Here!)
  • How To Turn One Speaking Gig Into Several

From Bridget...

I am an insurance agent wanted to get better results when I spoke to groups. I worked with Sue and implemented strategies from her proven process. Recently I spoke at a seminar and applied what I had learned from Sue. Here are my remarkable results:

· 63% of potential prospects signed up for a free consultation

· Of those appts set, no one person has cancelled or been a no-show

· 13% of the people purchased on the first appointment! This has never happened before in my career! I have a 2-appt process so this was a huge and unexpected surprise!

I would highly recommended working with Sue. She'll help you get better results when you speak and more sales following the speaking event. She knows her stuff!

From Bruce...

Sue's knowledge, successful experiences, & ability to teach make her a FANTASTIC coach. I thought that I knew what I was doing, & getting complacent. Sue has politely put her foot near my rear end & moved me a long way! I would recommend her & her work to anyone that wants to think harder about attracting & maintaining clients in any field

From Jenn...

I worked with Sue as a coaching client for 3 months over a year ago. At a recent paid speaking event, I used her speak to success formula.  Not only did I get inquiries from 30% of the room, but I also received at least 5 spin-off speaking events!

Thank you, Sue, for providing a proven formula to speaking success.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you go through at least the first module, complete the assignments and feel this isn't going to work for your business, simply send me the completed assignments within 30 days and I'll refund your money.

Why is this a "conditional" guarantee? BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED! I know how easy it is to quit when something new becomes hard or overwhelming. But trust me, go through the program and implement what it taught. I promise you - your business will grow faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible!