What If You Could Grow Your Business By 250% In Just One Year?

And What If You Could Do This By Fast-Tracking Your Clients To Better Health & Increase Your Profits WITHOUT Being Salesy Or Pushy?

Would you be interested?

Hi, I'm Patti. I love helping and serving my clients. But when I started my practice, it didn't go the way I planned. It was hard to find clients and when I did, I was uncomfortable asking them to purchase products from me, even though I knew those products would help them regain their health faster.

I was struggling, working long hours, and was slowly going broke. But I had a dream in my heart and I knew that the answer was out there. I was determined to find it.

Maybe you have some of the same concerns I did: 

  • Do you have products sitting on the shelf collecting dust?
  • Do you get a little creepy feeling when it’s time to tell a client or patient how much a product costs while you’re stressed out about your bank account?
  • Do you feel like you need some direction when it comes to connecting your clients/patients with appropriate tools for their wellness goals?
  • Are you overwhelmed by entire product lines and looking for a “Starter Kit” to utilize a few products for the 10 most common wellness issues?

Then you are in the right place!

 Join me, Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D., for a day of information, education, and strategy to grow your practice while bringing you the pride and satisfaction of helping your clients/patients to reach their wellness goals so that they tell EVERYONE they know about how much YOU helped them!

Here's an overview of what we'll be covering:

red arrow pointing right  DISCOVER how I grew my business by over 250% in less than a year with a NO SELLING     policy! I'll share my "insider secrets" to selling without selling!

red arrow pointing right  LEARN how to communicate to, and educate your clients/patients so that they understand   how supplements and remedies work as tools in their wellness programs and actually               become partners with you in their health care!

red arrow pointing right

  NAVIGATE around these 5 common mistakes that practitioners make that hold back their     clients/patients and result in lost revenue! These may be costing you BIG money!

red arrow pointing right

  EMBRACE just 25 Energetix products that can address 10 of the most common issues seen   in a wellness practice! Control your inventory, control your costs, maximize results!

red arrow pointing right

  EMPOWER clients/patients to jump-start their wellness program with Opening Channels!

red arrow pointing right  FIND OUT how to build long-term clients who refer their friends and family by talking           about your house!

Stop struggling and take control of your business in this 1-day training that teach REAL solutions that WORK!


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Patti has given me the tools to grow a very fulfilling, profitable business. Since working with her, I have moved to a new location, doubled my client base, and I am on track to outgrow my current location in the next 6 months. I highly encourage you to trust her with your business. Whether you are brand new at this or looking to make a change to an existing business, she will guide you on your road to success.
- Christine Cronin, Ph.D., HHP, Satya Wellness Danvers, MA


Here's the deal - you can either keep doing what you are doing OR you can attend this workshop to learn new tips, ideas, and strategies that will help you build the business you want faster, easier, and with more profits!

How much will it cost your business if you DON'T attend? 

 Patti and productsOn a leap of faith, I brought in the Energetix line of wellness products and sought out training to help me understand the products and how to utilize them to support my clients in achieving their wellness goals without ever feeling like a “salesperson”.  Patti Bartsch, M.A., Ph.D.

This isn't some "fluff" class. I show you EXACTLY what I've done to grow my business by 250% in less than a year.

Lara-Mealor-PhotoPatti is one of those rare people who has vision and the capacity to carry the vision to fruition. From the moment we met, I have watched Patti consume opportunities to grow and implement ideas and strategies to her business with amazing results. Patti is a brilliant educator with a clear, concise style that makes learning super easy. Patti really walks her talk. She is a great resource for anyone wanting to grow a thriving business while still having time to enjoy their personal life. 
- Lara Mealor, Energetix Account Manager


Just $


  • P.S. Let's make 2015 your best year yet!

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