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What If I Could Show You How To Significantly Increase The Number of Customers You Have & Make More Money Easier and Faster Than You've Ever Done Before?

Sales Is A Number's Game... Imagine The Power of Talking To 40 People At One Time Instead Of 40 People One-At-A-Time!

I'm Sue Henry. Since 2009, more than 5,000 people from over 18 countries have attended one of my live trainings or workshops. I've shared the stage at events with Jack Canfield, Bob Burg, Stephen M.R. Covey, Stewart Emery, Ivan Misner, and other top  speakers and trainers.

Introducing: "Speak Your Way To Success"

Over time, I've mastered the ability to monetize speaking gigs. One speaking gig to 40 people generated sales over the next few months. I always had prospects to call and happy customers to offer new products and services to. It was the easiest prospecting I'd ever done! And the most fun!

Here are a few things that I teach my clients how to do:

  • Find speaking opportunities filled with people who have been searching for what you offer AND want to buy!
  • Create a talk that is fun for you to give, fun for the audience to hear, and shares exactly what your audience is looking for!
  • Offer a free product or service that creates a stampede of people rushing to give you their contact information and has them begging you to follow up fast!
  • Use stories that engage and seed your offer - your audience will be drooling for more!
  • Establish yourself as THE expert!
  • Build a huge database of people who want, need, and are willing to buy what you offer. This includes repeat sales, upsells, downsells, and cross-sells!

A client of Sue's shared this...

"Sue speaks with power and authority and when you hear her, you just know that if you listen and act, those profits and results will follow." C.L. 

What if you could tap into this information and build the business you dream of... faster, easier, and with better results than you had hoped? Would you be interested?

Limited Time Offer!

Sue is offering a FREE 30-minute call where she'll share SPECIFIC and PROVEN strategies to help you make more money. After the call, you'll have an effective plan to help you capture more leads and convert them into buyers as you speak to audiences filled with people who want, need, AND are willing to buy what you offer!

Here's Your Next Step:

Schedule your FREE 30-minute strategy session with me! 

Yes, I want my FREE consultation! Please contact me to get it scheduled!

"Another client of Sue's says..."

"Her mind works like a constant commercial. She has fabulous innovative ideas on continually bringing in lucrative sales into your business. If you are feeling our economy crunching your business, you really need to contact Sue and attend her workshops or seminars. She is a wealth of information. Tap into her.”  B.K. 

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